Colloidal Silver 4 oz. Dropper

Colloidal Silver 4 oz. Dropper


Our Colloidal Silver is created to support the body's immune system and killing pathogens. Colloidal silver can be dropped directly into the mouth, on the skin or in water. Our 5-10ppm particle size has been formulated to target viruses. Colloidal Silver comes in different particle sizes. Viruses are most affected by small particle silver around 5-10ppm. 10ppm can also kill bacteria. 


We make our own distilled water to use in our Colloidal Silver Products. This water has not been in contact with plastic in any way.


Our Colloidal Silver comes in Amber Glass Bottles to prevent light from damaging the silver particles. Silver is best used fresh withinn 4-6 weeks of purchase.


This product has not been evaluated by the FDA to treat or cure illness or disease.